We are finally caught up to the present Breaker of the Month and we are so excited to announce this amazing bboy, Lightening Mark (LM for short). Lightening Mark has only been breaking for a couple of years and already he has the distinct style and character of an early 2000 era bboy.

He began breakin at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. It’s important to mention that this school is a historical spot for breakin in Bradford’s history. Mohammed Yusuf/Heavy Shock also known as Dre who passed away in 2009 was an old school bboy who was the caretaker of this school. When the breakers of Bradford needed a space to practise, he used to open up the school three times a week to let the breakers train, through this Dre helped to support the scene for many years. It’s quite fitting that Lightening Mark has risen up from this spot and that other bboys & bgirls are still being trained here.

Signature Move

Bradford has had a strong multicultural scene over the years hosting bboys/bgirls from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Holland, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Scotland, USA and more…  After time it’s not uncommon to see that some people from different backgrounds and cultures display characteristics in breakin depending on where they are from. Both of LM’s parents are Russian and he came to the UK when he was 3 years old, without him knowing it he most definitely has a Russian flavour to his breakin, which shows, some styles run in your blood.

Signature Freeze – Lightening Twist

Lightening Mark trains super hard in fact sometimes he trains too hard and we had to help him train more effectively, he is like a dog with a bone. Once LM sets his mind on learning a move he will drill it until he can hardly stand. He has an old school mentality which reminds me of my youth and training with the other Bradford breakers back in early 2000. He is driven and doesn’t like to waste time at practise, if given a task he is happy to work on his own and he does not lose focus.

Lightening Mark is also a great team player working hard with his crew Industrial Techniques. In crew meetings, he often speaks his minds and what he has to say helps the crew to grow. Everyone in Industrial Techniques and the scene gets along well with him and he’s a great example of what Bradford needs more of if we are to become one of the worlds leading cities for breakin.

Breakin Through Leeds, Park Jam

LM also has an impressive event count compared to other bboys and bgirls of his age. He has attended jams in other cities and has danced with his crew at his first major event Tech Styles 5. The battle can be viewed below.

As a final note I just want to say to you (LM) keep it up and don’t stop now. You are a leader through your actions and represent what a true bboy should be. Continue to train hard and show others the way. We hope that you stay on this track and grow into one of the best breakers Bradford has ever seen. Stay humble and strong God Bless.

Congratulations Lightening Mark.

LM & Elijah