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Tranquil Productions follows Clean North & other Bradford bboys/bgirls (breakdancers). Here you will find posts related to the dancers and their breakin battles. Click the link to see some amazing battles from Bradford’s finest.

Bradford Brawl Aftermath

Bradford Brawl 2 was an incredible event which took place in the heart of Bradford’s breakin (breakdance) scene. The battle was hosted at St John’s church hall and brought together a large number of bboys & bgirls from the Tranquil Productions family. The Bradford Brawl 2 featured 3 crew showcases, crew battles, 2v2 battles and the Breaker of the Month Championship. The first —Bradford Brawl— was amazing but this time was on a whole other level. […]

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Clean North at Riot Sessions

Last Sunday Clean North hit Liverpool to battle at Riot Sessions, they also took Bradford’s next gen crew Dirty South to battle in the 3v3. It was a great day and Clean North repped hard with only two members but it didn’t matter because they were on fire. Bgirl Fox and Bboy Kid Saiyan were smashing it in the battles and the cyphers. […]

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Back In Boston!!!

It’s almost a month ago since I got back from Boston for the Floorlords 34th Anniversary but it feels like it was just last week. The event weekend was incredible Friday Mass Appeal 2v2, Saturday Freestyle Session 1v1 and Sunday United Styles 3v3 plus workshops inbetween. It took me ages to recover once I got back, I was breakin with everything I had, mentally and physically. […]

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Clean North vs Soul Mavericks

StreetFest London was an amazing day for Clean North. We had a great time at B.Supreme and really enjoyed the festival. It took place at Tobacco Docks, the setting was perfect for a Breakin battle. This was Spider’s first time battling with the crew and her first time in the south. She got to meet Terra & Eddie, two girls I know she looks up to and this was great to witness. […]

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