All the lastest news on the Bradford breakdance scene. Tranquil Productions will keep up to date on whats’s happening with classes, performances & dancers.

Breakin Through In West Bowling | Bradford Bboys & Bgirls

It’s been an amazing year so far and we’ve been working with Tech Styles International to provide quality breakin (breakdance) workshops to the young people of West Bowling. These sessions have been a massive success and it’s great to be able to provide these workshops in an area which needs more activities. […]

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Bradford Brawl 3

Bboys and Bgirls get ready for the biggest Bradford Brawl event ever. Great Judges, great host and great DJs, this is set to be another amazing night for the Tranquil Productions family. We will be hosting the internal jam on Thursday 27th of September 6.30-9.30pm at St Johns Church Hall. Entry to the event is £5 for dancers, adults and children, so please spread the word and support the breakers (dancers) of Bradford. You, the public are also welcome to come and watch the event and see the amazing skills that will be showcased in Bradford. We encourage any bboys and bgirls who want to jam and cypher to come and be part of the event, however the battles are restricted to Tranquil Production members only. […]

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Tranquil Productions Supports Bradford Literature Festival

Tranquil Productions is highly passionate about Hip hop culture and the values Hip Hop holds within it. Although the main discipline for the business is focused around breakin (breakdancing) we feel that for Bboys and Bgirls to truly excel, you must understand the other elements of Hip Hop. There are said to be 4 but in our experience, in the North of the UK, there are 5. DJing, Grafitti, Breakin, Rapping/MCing are the 4 original elements of Hip Hop but in the UK we developed having a 5th element, Beat Boxing at the heart of the culture. […]

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A Busy Clean North Weekend!

On Saturday morning, Labyrinth, 1K, Airdy & Spider grabbed the coach to Derby to hit the “Future Flava Jam”. This saw kids from all across the UK come to compete in either the 1v1 under 12s, or the 1v1 under 16s. This was an eye opening event. The level and the energy was crazy! Bgirl Spider and Bboy Airdy tested themselves in the Under 16s category and Spider qualified to the Top 16, we were really proud of them both. […]

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