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Tech Styles 4

Over the last 6 months I have been working tirelessly, alongside the Tech Styles team (Fiona ‘Fox’ Thompson & Himani ‘Labyrinth’ Bhardwaj) at Tranquil Productions to deliver what will be one of the UK’s biggest breakin events of the year. Bboys & bgirls get ready because Tech Styles will be delivering its 4th edition and this time it’s on a whole other level. Tranquil Productions is working in partnership with 3 national companies to help raise the standard & quality of the Bradford & UK Breakin scene through this event.

The first three Tech Styles were coordinated by me and funded solely by Tranquil Productions. These events wouldn’t have been possible without the help and kindness of many people including some bboys and bgirls on the scene, who offered up their time and expertise for free to help deliver these events. Now with the funds available through our partners, Tech Styles 4 will be able to provide work for all dancers & artists involved. This is amazing and is a blessing to the local, national & international breakin scene.

Looking back at the first Tech Styles, makes this event a dream come true and something which has been in the making for many years. I always had in mind to run each Tech Styles event, bigger and better than the previous and Thank God I’m very blessed to be able to raise the bar once again. This year we will be running the original concept battle known as B.Tactical™ (for more info see video below) and the 2v2 under 16’s battles. I hope that all of the bboys, bgirls & crews within the UK come down to Bradford to support this event. Even if you’re not battling, come down and hit the cyphers. Tech Styles 4 is a public event, so come down and enjoy the show! There is something for everyone, on the 28th of October it’s going down!

Read more below to find out more about Tech Styles 4 and the amazing team we are assembling. For regular updates and more event information please visit our Facebook event page link below.


For this event we have an amazing judging panel. These three bboys are all at different stages within their breakin career and have repped hard within the UK scene. We feel that with this panel the judging on the day will be solid and give a good range of views, with no bias when it comes to the battles.

We have one of the best hosts on the world breakin scene, the living legend MC Trix. Bradford has been visited by many legends on the Hip hop scene including Top 9, Ken Swift, Salah, Darkness, Phase T and more… Being able to add MC Trix to the list is something which I could only have dreamed of. As a kid waiting to watch ‘Battle of the Year’ for me is only comparable to how people get excited over ‘Game of Thrones’ these days. MC Trix was a huge part of making the event and I’m sure many would agree, it wouldn’t be Battle of the Year without him. Battle of the Year was THE breakin event for crews and is still one of the biggest breakin events on the planet. We hope Tech Styles is able to rise to these heights.

Then we have DJs Rasp & 3E Productions amazing DJs who will be creating the vibes that will show what Bradford’s all about! There is a strong hip hop culture within Bradford and the breakers here have a raw energy, which stems from the history of breakin in this city and how it resurfaced naturally again in 2000. These DJ’s will take you on a musical journey that represents this great city.

The following video shows our crowd funding proposal which helped us to secure a portion of the money to help run the event. Me and the team want to say a big thank you to all those who supported the event with their pledges. We are so happy to have your support and this made us even more determined to make this event the best it could be. Thank you so much for your help.

This last video explains ‘B.Tactical’ how the battles work, when it was created and the purposes behind the concept. It also features a call out from me to all the UK crews. If you have any interest in dance, then this event is not to be missed! It will be great for spectators and participants. Get the date down and hopefully I will see you there in a few weeks peace.

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