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Tranquil has performed and taught workshops to children at Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi for Formula 1. He and Fireforce flew out and performed on their own stage for thousands of people every day at this 2010 60th anniversary event. The event was huge and also featured many stars including Linkin Park, Kanye West, Rhianna & Prince.

Tranquil has performed with Clean North for 2 HSBC events, one at a business conference and the other at a social function. At both events they performed different routines to suit the different requirements requested. The clients were very happy with both performances.

Tranquil has worked for Fresh Jive many times doing showcase performances at breakdance events and night clubs. He has also worked doing showcase battles (breakdance competitions). He was recently hired to judge the International Dirty 30’s Competition in Croatia. While there Tranquil won his first European title as the ‘Dirty 30’s Open Age Champion 2011’ .

Tranquil performed alongside other handpicked dancers in Leeds for the International Indian Film Academy. This was an amazing event held at Headingly Stadium, where there was also a celebrity cricket match and many top Bollywood stars attended. The IIFA Awards are considered the Bollywood equivalent to the Oscars. The Stadium had almost reached it’s capacity of over 15,000 people on the day!

Tranquil performed with Clean North to promote the new Range Rover ‘Evoke’. They performed with models and contemporary dancers and unveiled the new model vehicle. They used their breakdance skills to represent the power and excitement of the vehicle.

Tranquil performed with Fireforce at Alton Towers Theme Park for Fanta to promote their product. At this event Fireforce collaborated with a team of BMX freestylers and also a free runner. When enquiring about a booking with Tranquil Productions please specify what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Tranquil and Clean North were sponsored by Bench Clothing for a high class private party in Manchester. At this event they performed a short routine and showcased some of their best moves. The clothing provided by Bench helped promote their brand at other performances.

Tranquil and Firefly, who is one of the best B-girls in the world, performed for Foot Locker at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. This was an amazing day and as well as performing they also taught workshops for the children who gathered.

Tranquil was the ‘Breaking Convention’ representative for the Bradford event in 2009 and 2010. This entailed helping to organise the event and being the main contact between St Georges Hall and Saddler’s Wells, London. He was also co-host at both events.

Tranquil performed at the FIFA game launch and collaborated with the World Champion football freestyler John Farnworth. They were the entertainers performing for celebrities from TV show’s such as Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and many more.

Tranquil has links with the Arts Award scheme and was involved in the pilot scheme. The Arts Award took a real interest in his artistic skills of painting, media and breakdance. He was invited to London to perform for members of the Arts Council and the Arts Award committee at the Royal Albert Theatre.