At Tranquil Productions we run a number of weekly breakin classes. Get involved! Learn to become a bboy/bgirl from the very best instructors. Head to the Education tab for information regarding schools/academies/PRU. Please contact us for more information today!

St Johns Bowling, Bradford

There are two classes which take place at St Johns Church. In the intermediate/advanced class the ages range from 6 years old to 17. The session starts at 6.30pm – 7.30pm on a Thursday. This is the main training night for Industrial Techniques Crew.

The second class takes place on a Wednesday from 6.30 – 7.30. This session is the home of Solid Rock Crew. Many successful dancers have started from the classes that take place at St Johns. The address is Neville Road/Wakefield Road, Bradford BD4 7AA. Both of these sessions require termly sign ups, please contact us for more information.

Reading Rooms, Darrington, Pontefract

The class in Darrington runs during term time at the Reading Rooms and the ages range from 6 years old and upwards. This class is situated in Pontefract and runs on Friday nights at 5.15pm – 6.15pm.

Beginners are welcome and the classes are run at Carlton High School in a modern, spacious dance studio. For more information place please get in contact, the address is Reading Rooms, Phillips Lane, Darrington, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 3BH. These sessions require termly sign ups, please contact us to find out more. Blaze train here every Friday, an amazing crew that have a lot of passion.

Dancestars, Bradford City Centre

Dancestars is situated in Bradford city centre at West Yorkshire Studios 3rd floor, 114 Sunbridge Rd, Bradford BD1 2NE. This is a wonderful place to learn and also train. Himani Bhardwaj also known as bgirl Labyrinth from the Clean North Crew is the mine instructor of this class from 2-3pm and this session is followed by open training 3-4pm. Lloyd Tranquil Thompson also visits this class to teach at times and comes to support the training.

At present there are no termly sign ups required for the class or training sessions but we hope you come down as often as possible and make the most of the opportunity to train at such a beautiful studio, in the heart of Bradford.

Parkside Sports Centre, Bradford

This class is lead by one of our amazing female instructors Himani Bhardwaj also known as bgirl Labyrinth. These sessions began in 2019 and are going from strength to strength.

The focus of these sessions is foundations of breakin and perfecting techniques to become a stronger dancers. The class is vibrant, fun and also comes with a small food break to refesh energy mid way through the session. If you attend more than 5 times you have the chance to win a free water bottle (whilst stocks last t&c’s apply). This session is also great for anyone look for extra training to add to their weekly schedule.

The address is 28-132 Parkside Rd, Bradford BD5 8EH. These sessions require termly sign ups and are provided at a low cost.

Private Lessons

We can provide private lessons anywhere throughout Yorkshire. There is no age limit or ability level, these sessions are great for beginners and for advanced breakers to help take your dancing to the next level. We can tailor the lessons to help you achieve specific goals or enhance your overall dancing.

Why Learn From Us

    • Learn from some of the best breakdancers in the UK.
    • We are able to teach all ability levels.
    • Good links to introduce you into the breakdance world.
    • There are opportunities to join or form a dance crew.
    • Legendary worldwide styles and techniques taught.

What Students Say

I love breakin it’s ace! I need to book some more private sessions.
Karl, Private Tuition
Breakdancing is easy!
Chloe, 8 years old
I have danced all my life but never breakdanced. I find breakdancing really challenging and it takes me out of my comfort zone which is good for someone like me.
Fiona, Contemporary Dancer
Thank you for teaching me and helping me to breakdance.
Josh, St Johns
I can really feel the difference since I started its good for my flexibility and gives a different kind of strength.
Ryan, Wrestler

All Levels

Tranquil Productions believe that breakin is for all people; young, old, male, female, fit or unfit. All you need is a desire to learn, whatever your fitness level or ability Tranquil Productions can get you started. This is especially so through private tuition as our instructors will be able to tailor the classes to your needs.

Always wanted to try breakdancing? Well now is the time. Get in contact with us today and start having fun and keeping fit. Breakdance is one of the best dances there is and is so versalite its for everyone. Dont worry if you think your not fit enough it doesn’t matter, the journey begins at different places for different people, anyone can learn.

Have you already been to a few classes, been dancing for a few years? Well if so this is the right place to get you to the next level.
Already got tons of knowledge and have been dancing many years? Tranquil can still help you develop your skills further and think of new concepts to help you improve. Tranquil has gained tons of experience travelling the world and learning from the very best. You can always learn something new. There are many training sessions you can join once you reach a top level and where you can then practise with other top level breakdancers. (bboys/bgirls)