Breakin Through In West Bowling | Bradford Bboys & Bgirls

It’s been an amazing year so far and we’ve been working with Tech Styles International to provide quality breakin (breakdance) workshops to the young people of West Bowling. These sessions have been a massive success and it’s great to be able to provide these workshops in an area which needs more activities. […]

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Breakin at Holme Wood Centre!

Tranquil Productions is working with Well Bradford to help transform the Holme Wood community. With the help of Suzanne Elster, All Star’s manager and Manuela Oghdetwoma of the Friends of Holme Wood we have successfully run two sessions over the past month on open days held at the TDF community centre. […]

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Adult Breakin Classes | Bradford

We are so excited to announce the new ‘adult only’ classes that will be starting on the 20th of January. These classes are part of a new initiative by Tranquil Productions called ‘Never Too Late’ which gives adults the opportunity to learn breakin (breakdance) and promote the many benefits this art form has. […]

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