Lloyd Thompson
Lloyd ThompsonDirector & Founder
Lloyd a.k.a Tranquil manages Clean North along with the help of some other key members to guide and encourage the crew to constantly improve.
Clean North is a Bradford based breakdance performance team in connection with Tranquil Productions. This dance crew was formed in 2002 and is going stronger than ever. There have been many members over the years but the official team is listed below. Clean North travel all over the world dancing, training, competing and performing. This group covers all the bases when it comes to breakdancing performance, from high flying acrobatic skills to technical intricate stylish moves, “Clean North” has it all!

Clean North have performed for major global companies such as HSBC, Land Rover & Footlocker. They have also performed in some of the most prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Theatre. Clean North have collaborated with many companies across the UK such for Breakin Convention out of Sadlers Wells London at St Georges Hall, Kalasangam, Arts Council and more. Tranquil Productions provide performances for Weddings, Birthdays and practically any event that needs some exciting entertainment!

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Clean North

Bradfords ultimate breakdance performance team! hire them today.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Fiona Thompson
Fiona ThompsonPerformer & Instructor
Fiona a.k.a Fox has a wide knowledge of dance, such as contemporary, ballet, jazz, breakdance, cheerleading and more… Fiona studied dance at University and used to be a gymnast on the British Squad. She now teaches full time all around the UK and is one of Clean Norths’ top performers.
Himani Bhardwaj
Himani BhardwajCompetitor & Performer
Himani a.k.a Labyrinth joined Clean North recently, yet she has been breakin for 5 years. Himani has a very unique style when dancing she creates unique and complex shapes that amaze the crowd and audience. She is well organised, pro active and a great addition to the team.
Khayyam Hussain
Khayyam HussainCompetitor & Performer
Khayyam a.k.a Simba is also a long standing member of Clean North. He competes regularly for the crew and he also performs at events. Khayyam is a good motivator for the crew and helps steer the direction that Clean North needs to take.
Chloe Ayers
Chloe AyersCompetitor & Performer
Chloe a.k.a Spider is the youngest member of the group, she is extremely talented for her age. She is a natural, her strength and flexibility are world class. Spider is a hard worker, she is involved in both our battle and performance team.
Chris Rowe
Chris RoweCompetitor & Performer
Chris a.k.a Kid Saiyan/LC has been a long standing member of Clean North and joined during the second wave. His charisma and presence are what make him so enjoyable to watch. Chris has a flexible style of breakin and high energy, he is a very gifted dancer.