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Blackpool Chill | Clean North Crew

Bboys, Bgirls and Tranquil Productions supporters everywhere, it’s time for another exciting blog post showing what the Clean North crew have been up to. As a crew we are always training together, battling together performing/travelling together but one thing we feel is super important is to…. CHILL together. I would say this is one of the things that makes us who we are and by spending time together just chilling and vibing as a crew, it makes us stronger when it comes to breakin and the dance itself. […]

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Breaker of the Month & Merry Christmas to all TP Family

Merry Christmas to all the bboys, bgirls, Tranquil Productions family and supporters. We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in working with us, from the schools to the parents and everyone in-between. We hope you all have an amazing Christmas which will be filled with great moments, peace and happiness. We can’t wait to see everyone back in January and I pray it’s a great year once again with more things to look forward to. Before getting into the post, I just want to address that we haven’t done any announcements in some time but we want all our supporters to know behind the scenes, training, workshops, BOTM and everything has been running strong. We have to thank God for the amount of work and opportunities that have been given to us this last 6 months. It’s meant we have had to focus on projects, schools and communities but haven’t had the time to let everyone know about all the great things happening. Over the next month we will be letting you know about all the great things happening within Tranquil Productions. This has to be one of the most exciting Breaker of the Month announcements we have ever done. This bgirl has had one of the most incredible years I’ve ever seen, she is an inspiration to so many dancers including myself and her story is one of power and determination. Let’s hear it for the one and only Sabrina representing, Blaze Crew & Bradford Girl Congratulations! I remember when Sabrina began breaking and seeing the literal transformation she has gone through to become one of the strongest bgirls in her crew, has been incredible! Sabrina began her journey [...]

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Clean North – RISING! | Breaking Crew

It’s already more than half way through 2019 and time seems to be flying by. It’s been a very busy year so far for the crew with so many highlights. All the bboys and bgirls have been performing, battling and training as well as helping some of the other Bradford crews in the Tranquil productions family to reach new heights. This post will cover some of the best moments we have managed to capture, we try to record and take photos wherever we go but sometimes we get either too caught up in the moment or decide to keep some moments in our memories alone. The year started off with a bang, 3 of our crew members gained a Breaker of the Month (BOTM) title over the first 6 months. This was amazing for us as a crew as there are a between 150-200 breakers in the Tranquil Productions family. Jonah, Bgirl spider and Labyrinth all pushed so hard to achieve a BOTM title and it resulted in bgirl Labyrinth becoming Breaker of the Year at Bradford Brawl 4, which was an amazing event. Bgirl Labyrinth did an incredible job getting prepared for this battle. She attended as many events as possible throughout the UK, which helped to improve on her battling skills. […]

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Bradford Brawl 4 | Thank You

It's been a month since the Bradford Brawl 4 event and what an incredible experience it was. All the videos are now ready to view on the The Tranquil Productions YouTube channel. We also have a few photos taken by Luke Hogan to view below however there will be more to come so please check the Facebook page to see those. If you couldn't make it to this event please do watch these battles they were amazing and the energy was hype all night. I just wants to say a massive thank you to everyone that helped support the Bradford Brawl 4 event, whether as an audience member, dancer or as part of the team. It was an amazing night and I’m so thankful to God for the community we have. Congratulations to bgirl Labyrinth for becoming Breaker of the Year. Her battles were amazing, Labyrinth definitely came to win and she did this whilst helping to run the jam at the same time, that's some major focus. Congratulations also to Industrial Techniques for taking the crew battle and Beat Cheetah and Frank for taking the 2v2. This crew keeps going from strength to strength and its great to see them grow with each event. They always bring the fire and never give anything less than their all. Big Shout out to Clean North, they did an amazing job as hosts and helping to run the jam, it makes a massive difference when an event like this has the support of a crew behind it. DJ Marek, 3E Productions (Musicarl & Black Belt Jones) Tranquil, Fox, Simba & McLane Bgirl Fox, bboy McLane and bboy Simba were great judges making some great decisions [...]

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Bradford Brawl 4 |Bboy / Bgirl Battle

Bboys and bgirls Bradford Brawl is back! We are so excited to announce Bradford Brawl 4. This is going to be another amazing event. We hope to make this another night that will go down in Bradford’s history. Breakers from all over the Tranquil Productions family will come together to battle it out and showcase their skills. We have crew battles and 2v2 battles but most importantly we’ll have the Breaker of the Year Championship going down. 8 of the hardest working dancers in the Tranquil Productions family will battle head to head for this prestigious title and will earn there place on the Tranquil Productions Cup. We will be hosting the jam on Thursday 11th of July 6.30-9.30pm at St Johns Church Hall Neville Rd, Bradford, BD4 8TU. Entry to the event is £5 for dancers and all spectators, so please spread the word and support the community and local breaking scene. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the event and see the amazing skills that will be showcased in Bradford. Although the battles are restricted to Tranquil Productions members we really want to encourage any bboys and bgirls that want to jam and cypher to come and be part of the event. We’ll have great music once again, provided by DJs Musicarl and Blackbelt Jones from 3E Productions and DJ Marek will be supplying his amazing sound system to get the dancers hyped. We have a special guest judge joining us, Bboy McLane from Wales. McLane is an amazing dancer from the next generation of bboys and girls in the UK and his presence will help inspire many of the young bboys and bgirls in Bradford. We will also have our very own Bgirl [...]

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