It’s been an amazing year so far and we’ve been working with Tech Styles International to provide quality breakin (breakdance) workshops to the young people of West Bowling. These sessions have been a massive success and it’s great to be able to provide these workshops in an area which needs more activities.

West Bowling is a specific area of Bradford where health is a major concern and we hope to make a difference by educating the young people in the community about how to keep healthy through exercise, eating healthy and drinking water. When it comes to keeping fit, many of the skills we teach in our sessions are transferable and can be applied to all aspects of life. Over the long term we hope to see a reduction in diabetes and dental problems which is a big problem in the West Bowling area. Through these sessions we promoted drinking water over soft/energy drinks which has replaced water for many young people. This has a direct link to both dental health and diabetes. Tech Styles International provided over 40 free water bottles and Tranquil Productions supported the cause by designing some dope stickers free of charge to promote our message about how to stay healthy.

Having grown up in West Bowling, I understand the importance of activities for young people. The area has changed for the better over the past 20 years and is almost unrecognisable. Violence, crime and drugs were more prominent back then and although issues still exist it is certainly an area which is improving. It’s amazing to see the progression of the community and its resources over time, it has made a massive difference to families and people living in West Bowling.

Projects like ours really help to keep young people in a positive mind set, reduce mental/physical health problems and reduce crime. Hip Hop/breakin brings people together from different back grounds and this makes people more understanding of each other and our various cultures. The lack of understanding can often be the cause of hostilities in areas such as West Bowling but I feel this is fading. We hope to make West Bowling a safer community and positive place to live in. Through dance we hope to inspire the young people and broaden their horizons.    

The funded sessions have now come to an end, but we are going to continue to deliver these sessions for the young people at the centre. The future is bright when people/organisations such as Tech Styles International, Bradford VCS, Parkside Sports Centre Manger, Jordan Radwell and Bradford Trident support projects like this. To check out more about our classes please head over to the section on our website. Thank God Hip Hop is on the rise and we can’t wait to see the amazing changes it will make in peoples lives and the city of Bradford.