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City of Culture 2025 | Bradford | Clean North Crew

Clean North have been one of the UK’s leading breakin crews for performance over the past 15 years. They have performed all over the country from the Royal Albert Theatre, London to St Georges Hall, Bradford. Whether it be for large corporations such as HSBC, Festivals or private parties, Clean North love to perform! The Clean North Crew is made up of 11 Bboys and Bgirls, spanning 3 generations. Across all of these generations you will find a passion for Hip Hop culture, a love for our city and shared core values. Although it’s amazing to perform internationally, some of our best shows have taken place in our home town. This year has been an incredible year for the crew as a whole with more bookings than ever before. Through our shows we have been able to make a difference in so many people’s lives. […]

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Meet The Crew | Bgirl Labyrinth | Clean North

So here I am, bringing you the last post of the series about me – Bgirl Labyrinth.Where do I begin?I started breaking at my primary school (St. Joseph’s). There was a performance at our school disco and I was amazed! I had to learn. The school caretaker called Dre (Heavy Shock) was a Bboy and he held classes at the school. I started attending and just loved it. Unfortunately, Dre passed away. I tried to keep going after he passed but ended up taking a break until 2013. […]

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Meet The Crew | Bboy Tranquil | Clean North

Tranquil is the founder of Clean North and has been dancing for over 15 years now! I first met Tranquil about 12 years ago at my primary school, St. Josephs. But I’d say that I only really started to get to know him in 2013. I’ve only ever known Tranquil to be busy. He is always working on something and he is always thinking about what is next for himself and the community. By nature, he is caring, self-less and honest. I have a lot to say about Tranquil but before that, let’s get stuck in with the interview I did with him recently! […]

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Meet The Crew | Bboy Airdy | Clean North

Airdy is a guy with many talents! When I first met him back in 2013, breaking wasn’t the only activity he was doing. He was part of a cricket team as a wicket keeper and he was in a street dance crew. When Airdy was younger he played basketball and football too! As he has grown, he has cut down on his other activities and put breaking front and centre! […]

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