I met Spider when she was about 8 years old at the Thursday class at St. John’s Bowling Church, Bradford. She was so small when I first saw her. All she wanted to do was spin on her head. She was and still is one of the rawest around. It’s rare that I’ll hear Spider complain about anything. If she gets knocked down, she just gets right back up. She’s one of the few people that I know that seems to have no fear. If I ask her to try something, she will. If she maybe bangs herself, she’ll readjust and go again. This is one of the reasons why her level is where it is. She doesn’t give up and makes no excuses for herself.

Spider currently plays for the Bradford City Girls football team. Some of her football training sessions and matches can clash with her breaking training, events and performances but she communicates well with us when this occurs. If there is a chance she can play a football match and then hit training straight afterwards, she will. She is consistent. So much so that it surprises me when she isn’t around!

Name: Chloe Ayers
Bgirl Name: Spider
Age: 14 years old
Length in breaking: 5 years
Style: Powerful!
Length of time in Clean North: 3 years
Catchphrase: Technically

Why and how did you start breaking?

I was young when I started so I can’t quite remember. I think I was in year 4 at the time though. I saw Lloyd breaking at school on a stage for a Year 6 leaving performance. I started after that. He would teach me at school and I started to come to the church classes on a Thursday as well.

Who is your favourite Bboy/Bgirl?

This is a hard one. Okay I have two. Terra and Eddie!

How did you get your Bgirl name?

I don’t actually remember! I had another name but this one just stuck. I love Spider-Man. I used to do the spider walk exercise a lot too so maybe that’s where it came from.

What’s your biggest motivation in breaking?

All of my crew and my family are my biggest motivators.

Who inspires you the most in breaking?

Every Bboy and Bgirl that is around in the UK inspire me. So do the dancers in the Tranquil Productions family too.

What is your best moment in breaking?

My best moment or moments was when me and Lewis got to the finals of Tech Styles twice. It was a lot of fun battling with Lewis.

What do you think of the UK scene?

I think we’re on the right track. The younger Bboys & Bgirls are getting better and better which is great to see.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

Cheesy fries!

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to become a professional football player and a top Bgirl in the world.

What DON’T you like about breaking?

Definitely the injuries. That’s the only thing I don’t like about breaking.

What do you look for when you’re judging?

I look for someone who is all-rounded. I like seeing someone who is trying to hit all the bases. Musicality is important too.

Does Clean North have what it takes to be the best crew in the world?

Of course we do!

I remember being in City Park a few years back for the Bradford Urban Festival and before Spider even started breaking she was doing a head spin on concrete. Nobody asked her to do it. She just did it because she wanted to. I’ll never forget that. I don’t know anyone who would just head spin on the concrete just because they wanted to. The floor wasn’t even smooth or flat. It was cobbled!

Spider juggles being on the Bradford City girls team with being in Clean North. She keeps up with her school work alongside this as well. That’s a lot of responsibility to handle at such a young age. You must be organised to do these things. She does her best to not let anything slip and I believe she is doing a great job.

Bgirl Spider is what MC Trix was talking about when it comes to respect within Hip Hop. Now if you weren’t at The Hip Hop Collective night at Tech Styles 5, you may not know what I’m talking about so let me explain. MC Trix spoke about what it means to get respect from your peers within Hip Hop. What is it that brings about that respect? You may not know them but you respect them instantly. Why is that? It is the skill. It is the talent. It is the ability to be able to do something that somebody else can’t. It is seeing someone do something that you can’t do yourself. This is Spider. She can do things other people can’t do so she receives that instant respect. It is for that reason that within the Tranquil Productions family, not many will test her. But if they do they must prepare for the evil stare down they will receive when going against her, because trust me, it is like no other!

Make no mistake about this Bgirl, although she is small, she is LOUD! She can sometimes forget to use her indoor voice. When Spider has something to say, you will know about it! And I believe she is only just getting started. She has a natural talent and she isn’t letting it go to waste. She is the youngest active member in the crew but holds her own like she was around from the beginning.

As mentioned the previous post with Bboy 1K, some of the younger dancers have their role of just keeping up with their school/college work and training. Chloe has that role but she goes beyond that as she helps out with other classes in the city. She is a true team player, always showing her support to other crew members when and where she can. It has been a pleasure watching her come into her own more and more over these past few years.

To keep up to date with Bgirl Spider, follow her IG: @bgirl.spider  


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